Reminders for Seniors

Mon, 06/01/2020 - 1:11pm

Senior Awards Program - Friday, May 29, 4:00pm 

The Senior Awards program will be posted at 4:00pm EST on Friday, May 29. The link will be sent to you as an announcement through Canvas and will be posted on our website. The program will also be posted on YouTube so you can access it anytime afterwards and it will contain closed captions.  

MRHS Senior Diploma Distribution

June 1, 2020

We look forward to seeing all of the seniors in the Class of 2020 at Marriotts Ridge on Monday, June 1st for diploma distribution Please see below for the schedule and for all the details you need to know as we give you your diploma in a safe environment.

  • During diploma distribution on Monday June 1st, it is critical that seniors and families maintain all social distancing practices and wear masks. You will stay in your car the entire time.
  • To help expedite the process, please write your student's last name on a piece of paper and place it on the front dash of your car, so that it will be visible for staff as you arrive.
  • Students cannot pick up diplomas for other students. Only students and/or the students’ parent/guardian may receive the diploma.
  • Any items that you still need to return to school that belong to MRHS or HCPSS will need to be returned in a plastic/shopping/grocery bag or box, labeled with your first and last name (the bag/box will not be returned to you). Include a Textbook/Materials Collection Form in the bag. This form can either be printed and filled in, or you can simply write the information on a sheet of paper.


Monday, June 1st

8-9 AM: A-Chen

9-10 AM: Chitakki-Guo

10-11 AM: Hamilton-Kim

11-12 noon: Knight-Musico

12-1 PM: Nabiha-Smith

1-2 pm: Snell-Z

2-2:30 PM Anyone who was unable to come during their assigned time slot.


Driving Directions for Diploma Distribution

Students and families will access school from the car loop entrance. Look for a staff member to direct you to begin the journey to get your diploma and drop off any other items previously forgotten during the cap and gown distribution.

As you approach school, please have a few things ready:

1. A paper with your First and Last Name, either in your windshield or so you can hold it up to us and it can be seen from a 6 foot distance. 2. A Textbook/Materials Collection Form - This can either be printed and filled in or simply write the information on a sheet of paper.

3. If you have anything else to drop off that was missed at the cap and gown distribution, make sure all textbooks and materials to be returned to MRHS are in a plastic/shopping/grocery bag or box, labeled with your first and last name (the bag/box will not be returned to you). Place the completed Textbook/Materials Collection Form in the bag/box.

4. Follow the directions of staff as they direct you into the car loop. Stay in your car. A staff member will come to you to take your returns and/or bring you your graduation materials. You will drive through 3 stations.

Station 1 - Check-in

Station 2 - Return school items

Station 3 – Receive diplomas package

When we get direction from the central office, we will send a community message about how seniors will get their diplomas if they were unable to pick up on Monday, June 1st.  If your student is at senior week and you are home, please feel free to come through the stations and retrieve your child's diploma.  We would love to see you too.

Graduation Ceremony- Friday, June 5,  3:00pm

As you know, our graduation will be held in a virtual setting.  HCPSS will continue the tradition of streaming all high school graduations on the HCPSS website. You can go to their main site at in order to watch the graduations. Look for the Long Reach High School box on the home screen to navigate to our ceremony. The graduation program will include a running transcript for viewers in need of captioning services. On-demand viewing will be available shortly after each graduation.  Additionally, graduation-related information is available at 

From Student Services: Senior Survey 2020!

Now is the time to complete the Senior Survey 2020! ALL SENIORS MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THEIR SENIOR SURVEY 2020. The Senior Survey 2020 is located in Naviance.