Fine Arts


At Marriots Ridge, we have 4 levels of Art and 3 levels of Photography that a student could enroll in.

Laverne Miers-Bond | Teacher |


Marriots Ridge has 6 bands that a student could join.

James Ellis | Teacher |


Marriotts Ridge has 4 different choir classes that students can get involved in: Madrigals, Women’s Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Men’s Ensemble.

Ross Rawlings | Teacher | | Website


There are 4 levels of Dance that students can take at Marriotts Ridge.

Patricia Spruill | Teacher, Dance Group |

Music Program

This website has an overal view of the Music Programs of Marriotts Ridge.


Marriotts Ridge has 2 orchestras that a student could sign up for.

Patrick Walls | Teacher |


There are various levels of theatre classes that a student can take at Marriotts Ridge.

Jason Beall | Teacher, Drama |