Fine Arts

Marriotts Ridge has 4 levels of Art a student could enroll in:

  • Art I: Foundations of Studio Art
  • Art II: Developing Ideas in Media GT
  • Art III: Portfolio Development AP
  • Art IV: Personal Directions AP

Marriotts Ridge has 3 leves of Photography a student could enroll in:

  • Photography I: Developing Ideas in Photography GT
  • Photography II: Portfolio Development AP
  • Photography III: Personal Directions in Photography AP

Art and Photography Resources


Marriotts Ridge has 5 bands that a student can join:

  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Marching Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble

Band Resources


Marriotts Ridge has 4 different choir classes that students can join:

  • Madrigals
  • Women's Ensemble
  • Concert Choir
  • Men's Ensemble

Choir Resources


Marriotts Ridge has 2 orchestras that a student can join:

  • String Ensemble
  • String Orchestra

Orchestra Resources


There are 6 levels of Dance that students can take at Marriotts Ridge.

  • Dance I
  • Dance II
  • Dance III
  • Dance IV
  • Junior Dance Company - G/T
  • Dance Company - G/T
  • Dance Seminar:  Education and Production - G/T

Dance Resources

· HCPSS Course Catalog, Dance 

· MRHS Dance Website

· Dina Reyes | Teacher, Dance |


There are 5 levels of Theatre Arts Courses a student can take: 

  • Technical Theatre 1/2 credit Semester Course Brand New

  • Theatre Arts 1 

  • Theatre Company G/T 

  • Musical Theatre Ensemble G/T 

  • Theatre Apprenticeship G/T

See the Theatre website below for more opportunities to get involved afterschool: 

MRHS Theatre Website

Theatre Resources