AP Testing Day Information

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:16am

What to do on an AP Testing day?
When to arrive to your AP Exam:

AM Exams:  7:30
PM Exams:  11:30     Physics C E&M:  1:45
Random Seating:
The College Board requires random seating so it is important that students pay close attention to seating charts hung outside the testing area. Tables in the testing area will be clearly marked.
Items required for taking an AP Exam:

   - Student ID or Driver’s License
   - 2-3 Sharpened #2 Pencils
   - 2-3 Pens (blue or black ink) used for completing areas on the exam booklet covers and       for free-response questions in most exams
   - Up to 2 approved calculators with the necessary capabilities if you are taking the AP           Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics exam.
   - A ruler or straightedge if you are taking an AP Physics exam.


Items NOT allowed in the AP testing room:

   - Cell Phones
   - Water/drinks/food
   - Backpacks/purses
   - Smart Watches


Your exam proctor will direct you to the area to place backpacks/purses, etc. Cell phones must be turned off so any inadvertent calls or texts will not disturb everyone testing.
Snacks/drinks are encouraged but may only be consumed during the ten-minute break offered during the exam.
If a student is taking both a morning and afternoon exam (e.g., 5/1 Chemistry at 8:00 and Psychology at 12:00), they will not have time to go out for lunch between exams.  It is strongly suggested the student bring a lunch to eat at the church between the two exams. 

Testing Exams Dates/Sites:
Monday, May 1st       AM      Chemistry                             St Michael Poplar Springs (TCTR)


Monday, May 1st       AM      Environmental Science        St Michael Poplar Springs (TCTR)

Monday, May 1st       PM       Psychology                          St Michael Poplar Springs (TCTR)

Tuesday, May 2nd     AM      Computer Sci A                     TCTR

Tuesday, May 2nd     AM      Spanish                                 MRHS Rooms 350 & 352
Tuesday, May 2nd     PM       Physics I                               TCTR
Wed., May 3rd           AM      English Literature                 TCTR

Thurs., May 4th         AM      US. Gov. & Politics                 TCTR

Friday, May 5th         AM      US History                              TCTR

Friday, May 5th         AM      German Language                  MRHS, room 353 


Friday, May 5th         PM      Comp. Sci. Principles              TCTR


Friday, May 5th         1:00    Studio Art                                 MRHS, room 124
Monday, May 8th      AM      Biology                                    TCTR
Monday, May 8th      12:00  Phys. C Mechanics                 TCTR

Monday, May 8th      2:00    Phys. C Elec. & Mag.              TCTR

Tuesday, May 9th      AM      Calculus AB                           TCTR


Tuesday, May 9th      AM      Calculus BC                           TCTR
Tuesday, May 9th      PM       French Language                  MRHS, room 353

Wed., May 10th         AM      English Language & Comp.  TCTR


Wed., May 10th         PM       Macroeconomics                 TCTR


Wed., May 10th         PM        Italian                                  MRHS, room 353


Thurs., May 11th       AM     Comparative Gov.                  TCTR
Thurs., May 11th       AM      World History                         TCTR

Thurs., May 11th       PM       Statistics                              TCTR
Friday, May 12th       AM      Human Geography                TCTR

Friday, May 12th       AM      Microeconomics                    TCTR

Friday, May 12th       PM       Latin                                     MRHS, room 353

Please address any questions or concerns to Lisa Scott, lisa_scott@hcpss.org or 410-313-5446