Attendance & Early Dismissal of Ill Students

Fri, 09/30/2016 - 8:04am

Attendance at school is one of our greatest priorities.  Student learning is much more successful when students are fully engaged in classroom lessons and activities.  Therefore, we want to encourage attendance as much as possible unless a student is truly ill.

When students become ill during the school day, they are expected to go to the Health Room so that the cluster nurse, Ms. Storm, and health assistant, Ms. Keehner, can assess the situation.  This helps them get to know our students better and also be cognizant of any possible major health issues.  Having this knowledge also helps our Health Room staff proactively address possible health issues that could affect larger groups of people, such as influenza, lice, or other illnesses.  Our health room staff will communicate with the student's family if there is a need for an early dismissal or medical follow-up. 

If you are contacted by your son or daughter during the school day, please encourage them to report to the health room for evaluation.
Thank you so much for your cooperation ... hopefully, this will allow us to provide the best care possible for all of our students!

If you have any questions, please call Ms. Storm or Ms. Keehner at 410-313-5419.