2023-24 Course Registration Info

Tue, 01/03/2023 - 11:04am

Resources for Students:

See Our MRHS Course Registration Resources Website

Visit the 2023-24 HCPSS Course Catalog for additional information about Grades 9-12 Course Options

Career & Technical Education:


For additional resources on MRHS - specific courses, see attached document or go to our Course Registration Resources Website 

Counselors Contact Information:

Jessica Little | School Counselor A-Cha, Instructional Team Leader | jessica_m_little@hcpss.org

Jodi Dubbs | School Counselor Chb-Han | jodi_dubbs@hcpss.org

Pauline Baek | School Counselor Hao-Lam | pauline_baek@hcpss.org

Katie Tasch | School Counselor Lan-Od | katie_tasch@hcpss.org

Jenn McKechnie-Howe | School Counselor Oe-Shi | jennifer_mckechnie@hcpss.org

Andrew Johnson | School Counselor Shj-Z | andrew_johnson@hcpss.org"