Mustang Boosters Oreo Booth at HoCo Fair

Tue, 06/29/2021 - 5:03pm

Hello MRHS Families,

The MRHS Boosters Oreo Booth at the Howard County Fair is one of the Mustang Boosters Club main fundraisers each year.  We are at risk of losing this revenue opportunity if we don't find a volunteer to organize the Oreo Booth -- our Oreo Booth Chair has graduated! We are hoping that you are the person willing to organize this valuable fundraiser! 

The Howard County fair runs from Aug 7-14, 2021.  There is a team of experienced people ready and eager to help our new Oreo Booth Chair.  We've got information organized and ready for you to take over.  New to the school? This is the perfect way to get involved, make an impact and meet people in the school community. We need your commitment today so that we can confirm with the Fair that the Oreo Booth will be back!  

One of the things that we love about the Oreo Booth is that it is the one fundraiser that we have that we are not asking our own Marriotts Ridge Community for money -- we set up our Oreo Truck at the Fair and the customers stampede to the window, This year promises to be a huge year at the Fair.  Won't you help us to cash in?  

Please contact me ASAP to find out more about chairing our Howard County Fair Oreo Booth!  Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your support!
Lisa Delmonte, Boosters President