Today's Topics, 5/16/2019

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:37pm

4th Quarter Interim Progress Reports were issued today during Period 3 to students in grades 9-11.


National Italian Exam Approximately 5,500 students participated and nearly 1,500 received medals for their outstanding performance on the 2019 National Italian Exam.  AATI honored 409 students with Gold Medals, 532 with Silver Medals, and 535 students received Bronze Medals.   To the following MRHS students, we say CONGRATULATIONS for their achievement on the National Italian Exam.
Gold Medals:
Anthony Agans, Italian 1, Category A Classroom Experience – 98 National Percentile
Giuia Celi, Italian 3, Category B Outside Experience – 99 National Percentile
Silver Medals:
Prerna Polepally, Italian 2, Category A Classroom Experience – 89 National Percentile
Julie Lawler, Italian 2, Category A Classroom Experience – 85 National Percentile
Mason Chizhik, Italian 1, Category A Classroom Experience
Sunry Yen, Italian 1, Category A Classroom Experience
In addition, Giulia Celi will be awarded a monetary prize for receiving at least a 99 percentile in her category!
Eric Zhu has been selected as a winner of a National Merit $2500 Scholarship.  Congratulations Eric!!

From the MRHS Health Room:

**SENIORS**  All medications must be picked up by 2:30pm on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.  Any medication not picked up will be disposed of according to HCPSS policy.

Please contact the Health Room if you have any questions/concerns;  410-313-5419







Students, earn 37.5 service hours PER WEEK 

(for up to 4 weeks) by volunteering with the 

HCPSS Summer Institute!!