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Tue, 09/11/2018 - 8:26am



If you are moving, please let us know!

Parents/Guardians/Students, if you plan to move over the summer, please contact the Mrs. Deison, MRHS Registrar.  Any residential change of address constitutes a move (i.e. move out of Maryland, move out of Howard County, move out of MRHS attendance area, or a move within MRHS attendance area).  She can be reached by email  or phone 410-313-5446.   Thank you for helping us keep school records up-to-date!

News from Student Services
Re: Final Report Card and Student Course Selections*

Final report cards will be mailed home from the school on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.  Student course requests for SY 2019-20 will be included with the report card. Please review this information to ensure your child has seven credits listed.  A correction request may be submitted for the following reasons: 
  • Your child passed a course this year that is listed on the current schedule.
  • Your child failed a course this year and needs to retake it in the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Your child does not have seven classes and/or seven credits on the schedule.
  • Your child does not have a required course in a core academic subject (English, math, science, and/or social studies).
Course change requests must be made in writing to your child’s school counselor by Friday, August 9th.   Please be advised that a written request is not a guarantee that your child’s course change request will be accommodated.  
*The Student Course Selection is not a final student schedule.  You will not see a teacher, room, or period assignment.  Students will have access to their final schedule in late August prior to the first day of school.
Please contact your child’s school counselor at 410-313-5446 or at the email below with any questions.
Student Last Name / School Counselors:
A-Ci    Ms. Jessica Little
Cl-H    Ms. Jodi Dubbs
I-L       Ms. Paulina Baek
M-R    Ms. LaNae Nelson
S-Z     Mr. Andrew Johnson