Today's Topics, 2/13/2017

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 7:06am

Today's Topics, 2/13/17

Message from the Principal:

Parents/Guardians Still Make the Difference!

Four steps can help your high school student retain information.  Most high school students have mastered the basics of reading.  But remembering what they read? That can be a tougher challenge. To help your teen retain more of what he reads, share this four-step process with him:

See it. Albert Einstein once said, “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.” Tell your teen to read a sentence or a paragraph. Then have him close his eyes and “see” the scene. As he reads, he should also try to retell what he’s read in his own words.
Predict. Good readers constantly ask themselves what they think will happen next.  This is one way to stay focused on what they are reading.
Ask questions.  Both before and after reading, your teen should ask questions. What is the main idea?  What are the differences between mammals and birds? How did te ancient Romans conquer and hold their empire?
Relate it.  New learning is most likely to “stick” if it relates to other things your teen already knows. Help him find those connections.


This Week’s Calendar

Monday, 2/13

Booster Summer Camp Registration Opens  read more . . . .

Wednesday, 2/15

Girls Basketball at HammondJV 4:00 Varsity 5:30
Boys Basketball vs Hammond at MRHSJV 4:00 Varsity 5:30Students $3/Adults $4

Thursday, 2/16

Varsity Cheerleading at State Finals / Harford Community College . . .GOOD LUCK!
PTSA Meeting in Student Services, 7 :00

Friday, 2/17

Wrestling vs HoCo Championships at River Hill3:00
Boys Basketball at Oakland MillsJV 5:15 Varsity 7:00
Girls Basketball vs. Oakland Mills at MRHS  JV 5:15 Varsity 7:00  Students $3/Adults $4

Saturday, 2/18

Wrestling vs HoCo Championships at River Hill9 a.m.

Monday, 2/20

President’s Day Holiday, Schools and Offices Closed

Tueday, 2/21

Professional Development, No School for Students