Today's Topics, 1/30/17

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 2:53pm

Message from the Principal:

Parents/Guardians Still Make the Difference!

Avoid four traps when dealing with an underachieving teen.  You know your teen could do better in school and you want to help motivate her.  When doing so, be sure to avoid these four traps:

Unrealistic expectations. There is no question that parents want the best for their children.  But if you expect your teen to be the captain of the soccer team, work a part time job and still get good grades, you may be setting her up for failure.
The need to control. Some decisions, such as maters of safety, require parental control.  But when it comes down to it, our teen is the one who will ultimately decide if she is going to complete her math homework.
The urge to “rescue” your teen.  If you constantly bail out your struggling een, she will learn that it’s okay to keep struggling. She will also learn that you don’t think she can do better. The truth is that she will remain helpless as long as you allow her to. Once your teen knows you aren’t going to step in, she will be more likely to step up and figure things out for herself.
Anger and guilt.  You already know this doesn’t work.  You get angry. Your teen gets angrier. And the homework doesn’t get finished. So if you feel yourself losing your temper, take a break util you can approach things more calmly,

Source: D. Heacox, Ed.D., Up from Underachievement: How Teachers, Students, and Parents Can Work Together to Promote Student Success, Free Spirit.


This Week’s Calendar


Monday, 1/30

9th Grade PSAT Home Reports distributed during Pr. 3
PTSA Directories distributed Pr. 3 (one per family)


Tuesday, 1/31

Dance Program Auditions  3:00   read more . . .
Wrestling at Reservoir  JV 4:00  Varsity 5:30
PSAT Parent Information Night   7pm at Long Reach High School


Wednesday, 2/1

Dance Program Auditions  3:00
Boys Basketball at Glenelg  JV 4:00  Varsity 5:30
Girls Basketball vs. Glenelg at MRHS  JV 4:00   Varsity 5:30  Students $3  Adults $4
HCPSS Summer Programs open for registration  read more . . .


Thursday, 2/2

Dance Program Auditions  3:00
Wrestling vs Liberty at MRHS   JV 5:00  Varsity 5:30  Students $3  Adults $4
Cheerleading at HOCO Championships at Centennial  6:00


Friday, 2/3

Report Cards are issued
Boys Basketball at Atholton  JV 5:15  Varsity 7:00
Girls Basketball vs. Atholton at MRHS  JV 5:15   Varsity 7:00  Students $3  Adults $4