Message from the Principal April

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 4:06pm

Message from the Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians:

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break although it does not feel like spring with the weather we are experiencing!  As spring approaches, I always share my concern about the decisions our young people are making as they begin to recognize that the “end” is in sight and assert their independence.  Thus, we like to remind students about the importance of thinking through actions and consequences as we approach the end of the school year with senior activities and prom.

This year, our Student Government Association (SGA) decided to embark on a new project, which focuses our students’ attention on the consequences of using poor judgment when driving.  The activities in which our students will participate are designed to inform students and staff at MRHS about the dangers of distracted driving, specifically driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs and/or texting while driving.  For four days next week, some of our students and staff members will participate in the following activities: 

On Monday, our juniors and seniors will witness a Mock Recovery & Rescue with members of the Howard County Fire Department attending to the scene of a mock accident on MRHS grounds.   The event will take place in the far end of our student parking lot.  At least four of our students will be involved in the reenactment of a car accident and recovery scene.  Juniors and seniors will go outside to observe the fire fighters and paramedics “rescuing” students.   Staff from the Student Services Office will be available to meet with and talk to any students who want to debrief or who might react to this very serious activity.  Parent permission will be necessary for the students who are involved in the mock accident.

On Tuesday, we will implement an activity entitled, The Living Dead.   Once again, the SGA will conduct this activity in which 10-15 students will be pulled from class, asked to change into black clothing, and told not to speak for the remainder of the day.  It will be as if the student was no longer present in the classroom or school.  Parent permission will be necessary for students to participate as one of the living dead.

On Wednesday, all students will have the opportunity to experience the effects of intoxication while driving.  Using special goggles, students will be asked to try and walk a straight line.  This activity will occur during all lunch shifts, and it will be voluntary.  It is our intent for students to experience the level to which intoxication affects judgment and responsiveness.

On Thursday, our juniors and seniors will attend an assembly during break at which time they will hear the compelling story of a young man who will share his personal experiences and consequences of a decision he made to drink and drive.

It is our sincere hope that by the end of next week, our students will recognize the importance of thinking through their actions and anticipate the possible consequences of distracted driving.  If you have a moment to talk with your child or children about this topic, I think it will strengthen the bond between families and our school. 


The connection between home and school was evident this past Monday when our PTSA sponsored “Opening Day” snacks during lunch.  The hotdogs, Baby Ruth candies, and popcorn made the day a lot of fun!  Thank you to all of the parents who served us at school and participated in the planning and preparation.  And, thank you to Mr. Rahnama who worked with the PTSA on this wonderful endeavor.

Join me in congratulating our Outdoor Track team members who competed in a tri-meet against Mt. Hebron and Hammond on Tuesday and our Jazz Ensemble who performed on Thursday at “Jazz at the Ridge”.  Thanks to Coach Dubbs and Coach Dubbs, as well as Mr. Ellis for sponsoring and working with our students in their respective capacities.



Congratulations to Mrs. Ryal, English teacher, who recently received her Ph.D.  Her dissertation is entitled,The Effects of an After School Program on At-Risk Tenth Grade Students' Achievement in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.  We are proud of Mrs. Ryal and we congratulate her on receiving her doctoral degree.

Congratulations to Seo Jung Park, a National Merit Scholarship winner.  We are proud of Seo Jung and congratulate her family on a job well done!  I also want to apologize for using the incorrect pronoun when I announced the accomplishment of Yoo Jean Han; Yoo Jean is female, and I hope she will please accept my apologies.

Congratulations to Grace Li who received the Comcast Leaders and Achievers scholarship on Wednesday, March 23rd.   As a 2016 recipient of the scholarship, Grace and her family attended a celebration at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.  Congratulations to Grace and the Li family on Grace’s success.


Athlete of the Week:

Congratulations to Caroline Blalock.  According to Coach Brady, Caroline Blalock was an all out hustler over the weekend against two top level teams, both ranked in the State of Maryland, Notre Dame Prep and Century.  In the first game of the Catonsville Tournament, Caroline tallied 2 goals and made key contributions in the transition and midfield. Marriotts Ridge went on to win the game 10-7 and faced Century, the 2015 State Champion, in the championship.  Caroline helped her team secure a 12-8 win with 3 goals and 1 assist.  Caroline is a key contributor to the Mustangs Varsity Lacrosse team.  Congratulations to Caroline and the entire Varsity Girls' Lacrosse team.  



Art news

If you are going to the mall, please take a moment to see the 44th Annual Spring Student Exhibition.  The artwork is created by students in the Howard County Public School System; it represents MRHS students from grades 9 – 12.  Panels from each school are placed throughout the Mall; they are grouped by elementary, middle, and high schools.  Maps are available at the courtesy desk by Lord and Taylor.  The exhibition runs from April 6 through April 20.  Please support our students and view their terrific art work.  Thanks to Mrs. Miers-Bond and Mr. Sinn for facilitating their students’ success.


Finally, I hope you will join me in wishing Mrs. Lisa Beschner, Principal’s Secretary, the best of luck as she embarks on a new adventure at the HCPSS Central Office.  Ms. Beschner begins her new job on Monday, April 11, 2016.  She will be working for Mrs. Langford-Brown, the Executive Director, School Improvement and Curricular Programs; Mrs. Beschner will be sorely missed.  Mrs. Dove, who has substituted for Mrs. Beschner on many occasions, will work with me until the end of the school year.   Mrs. Stiles, Mrs. Reardon, Mrs. Romero, Mrs. Serio, Mrs. Derwart, and Mrs. Fugate will all work together to ensure that the tasks for which Mrs. Beschner was responsible, will be handled through the end of the year.  Join me in thanking them in advance for taking on additional responsibilities.

I hope you all have a restful and warm weekend.  And, I wish the Speech & Debate Team much success at their competition, which takes place tomorrow at Marriotts Ridge from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  I look forward to seeing some of students compete in tomorrow’s events.  I also wish our baseball, softball, tennis, and lacrosse teams the best in their competitions this afternoon and tonight.


Addie Kaufman, Principal